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    Donald J. Trump

  • Mr. Trump

    At A Glance


    Net Worth (USD)


    Best Selling Books

    $10 billion+

    Trump Organisation Revenue (annual)


    Number of Employees

    7 million

    Average Number of "The Apprentice" viewers 

  • Trump Quotes

    Just a few of Mr. Trump's inspirational quotes

    "Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war"

    "You have to think anyway, so why not think big?"

    "With out passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing"

  • Policies

    Mr. Trump's Policies

    Tax Reform

    Too few Americans are working, too many jobs have been shipped overseas, and too many middle class families cannot make ends meet. This tax plan directly meets these challenges with four simple goals.


    1. Tax relief for middle class Americans: In order to achieve the American dream, let people keep more money in their pockets and increase after-tax wages.
    2. Simplify the tax code to reduce the headaches Americans face in preparing their taxes and let everyone keep more of their money.
    3. Grow the American economy by discouraging corporate inversions, adding a huge number of new jobs, and making America globally competitive again.
    4. Doesn’t add to our debt and deficit, which are already too large.


    Donald J Trump intends to put in place, real and effective immigration policy based around three core values.

    1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

    2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

    3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

    Gun Control

    Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    "The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period."

  • About Us

    About our campaign.

    Trump 2016 Australia was founded in 2015 by Edward Bourke, to assist in promoting Mr. Trump’s policies, and plans in Australia. He did this because he believes that it is vitally important for any successful world leader to have international support. The campaign became the most prominent in Australia, and one of the most prominent in the world.

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